Elite - Performing Arts Conservatory

Acting/Theatre Arts (Ages 7+)
Our kids and teens acting classes provide our Weatherford students with intensive studies of the following disciplines:
    -Acting Techniques
    -Character Development
    -Script Writing
    -Audition Procedures
    -Print Modeling (Commercial/Editorial)
    -Runway Modeling
    -Go-see Procedures

Petites Combo Classes 
Our petites combo dance classes consist of 20 minutes of ballet instruction, 20 minutes of jazz instruction, followed by 20 minutes of tap instruction. Our petites receive excellent technique training, while having fun! We strive to instill a love of dance within each student.

JAZZ (ages 7+)
A technique whose roots are a blending of traditional Afro-Caribbean and classical dance performed to jazz music. This technique has evolved to incorporate various styles of dance and genres of music but still distinguishes itself by it's musicality with an emphasis and strong accents and characterization.

HIP HOP (ages 7+)
A style of dance primarily performed to hip hop music. Hip hop is rooted in urban social dancing and often calls for the dancer to freestyle (improvisation). Dances include breaking, popping, locking, krumping, etc.
BALLET (ages 7+)
A classical form of dance developed through the centuries originating in Italy and formalized in France. Ballet emphasizes an outward rotation of the legs and feet, and specified positions of the torso, shoulders, arms, and head. Choreography is pulled from Classical and Neo-Classical with a strong focus on technique and precision.

Tap (ages 7+)

Our students have their chance to shine in performances that we have throughout the year, including:
-Six Flags Holiday in the Park
-Christmas on the Square
-Spring Competitions (optional)
-End of the Year Recital
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